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Next Generation CRM for Enhanced Customer Journeys: from Leads to Loyalty (Webinar) - Hypatia Research Group
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Next Generation CRM for Enhanced Customer Journeys: from Leads to Loyalty

Bpm’online has invited Leslie Ament, SVP Research & Principal Analyst at Hypatia Research Group, to share her expertise on how next gen CRM technology can help stakeholders transform their businesses into truly customer-centric enterprise thanks to advanced customer journey management.

During the webinar, Leslie Ament will talk about why tech-savvy, modern consumers are no longer impressed with the current personalization level. Today, enhanced customer journeys should start with a deep understanding of the customer behavior and preferences, which is a backbone of enhanced customer experience.

All investment in customer engagement solutions should reduce the customer’s effort, be seamless, and encourage interaction via all preferred channels while providing stakeholders analysis and multi-channel visibility into customer preferences, behaviors and purchases.

Session: Next Generation CRM for Enhanced Customer Journeys: from Leads to Loyalty
When: February 23, 2016, 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Register and learn how top performers use customer analysis and insight:

  • Improve enterprise level operational business processes;
  • Guide marketers, sales professionals and contact center agents on best practices for customer engagement and/or offer management;
  • Redesign workflows and use of business process automation to configure and/or automate repeatable processes;Next generation CRM for enhanced customer journeys: from leads to loyalty
  • Realize that customer engagement intelligence doesn’t reside only in a CRM application: it lives throughout and beyond the enterprise;
  • Transform into a truly anticipatory customer-centric enterprise by replacing inside-out business processes (resource optimization) with purpose-built business processes designed from the outside-in (customer focused).

Don’t miss out on learning how next generation CRM can be the right tool to transform business into a customer-centric enterprise providing a seamless consistent experience while your customer makes a journey from a lead to loyalty.