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Enterprise Risk Management Software: Best Practices, Maturity Models and GalaxyTM Vendor Evaluations - Hypatia Research Group
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Complimentary Enterprise Risk Management Best Practices Research

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The arc of enterprise risk management is shooting away from instinct toward insight. As enterprises compile more and more data, relying on everything from GRC software solutions (which Hypatia has covered extensively in 2011 and 2014) to advanced analytics capabilities, executives have been able to base decisions increasingly on fact rather than fancy. There will always be an element of uncertainty reHRG_ERM_Galaxy_Coverart_2016Clating to proactively addressing risk, which means that the human factor will always be present, but the ability to compile and analyze more metrics from more sources for more departments and functions means that executives will be able to make determinations about risk with higher levels of fact-based certainty.

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Hypatia defines enterprise risk management as the process of determining the element of uncertainty when it comes to strategic investment, market growth and expansion, product development, commodity costs and other forward-looking issues. In this research report, Hypatia will conduct a compare-and-contrast of both legacy and upstart enterprise risk management (ERM) vendors, in order to help enterprises determine who best serves their industry needs.

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